Company Info

It all started when i was little kid, and i didn’t know !

I grow up watching all kind of movies, tv shows and anime. I literally pass all day watching tv and wishing one day I could save the world with an wand, like Sailor Moon.
I never thought that I can actually buy something related to something that was so closed to my heart. So, one day, geeking around, I found a store that had so many collectibles and merchandise related to my favorite characters… and then i saw it ! I saw the Sailor Moon wand that i wanted so bad as a kid and i bought it.
I remember thinking that if my 10 year old me saw me with an wand, she would say: You did it. You made it ! and would be so proud.
After a little while, I was buying a few things related to my favorite movies that i watch as a kid and the feeling of buying something that could bring back something of my childhood was so good, that i just wanted to have that feeling as long as a could.
In 2014, i started my company wishing that i could have that feeling everyday and possible give that feeling to someone else. And thats what i did !

Every time that someone came to my shop, they have so much joy, so much happiness…I was able to relate to my costumers, by sheering experiences, sheering my personal taste in some movies or animes…. what i watched as a kid.
In a short time, my costumers started to be regular costumers, and after that we were becoming friends. Going to the movies together, having dinners, having fun !

In 2018 i decided to bring that joy online! Hopping that one day, people feel the same way as i do every day.

This is my passion, this is what i like to do and give to every geek out there.
There is no age, no gender… just pure love and amazing memories !

Enjoy and feel free to Geek Around !